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A little about Time Off : Owen Lane

Originally she had a watermota  shrimp inboard engine which is basically a Marinised Briggs and Stratton engine driving a variable pitch propeller which as well as giving speed adjustment could be used to reverse thus avoiding the need for expensive gearboxes.  The engine was pretty bulky and constantly leaking petrol making the cabin pretty untenable plus the mechanism for changing the propeller pitch was made of various alloys which were not properly galvanically isolated so had corroded so we decided to remove the engine and use an outboard on a bracket which we did for 1 season before we brought the boat back to our yard for a re-fit.


Once the old antifoul was stripped off I discovered some osmosis so we wet grit blasted large areas of gel coat off and washed/ dried  and re-faired the areas with west epoxy and glass beads. We then painted the hull with 2 pack paint (sprayed on) and thatís as far as we have got. Still left to do :


1.       Finish outboard well. ( make a marine ply transom bracket and make top hatch big enough for a Honda outboard. Might have to make the rudder stem pivot with a UJ.)

2.       New rubbing strakes. (already made in iroko)

3.       Varnish all wood parts

4.       Reline and repaint interior.

5.       Re-wire lights and  instruments. (bough instruments years ago just need to find them !)

6.       Re-rig running rigging.

7.       Repaint topsides where needed.

8.       Paint lower section of hull with penguard 88 ready for anti-fouling.



Not much work really then !





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