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  Adventures with Lottie
Nick Salt
Bilge Pumps, Wellies and Blowtorches Adventures_with_Lottie

  South Funen Baltic Cruise

by Felix Rathgens
Felix and Sophia explore the Baltic
North of Kiel

South Funen Cruise

Clyde Cruise

by Chris Watts 
A long awaited expedition to Western Scotland  Clyde Cruise

River Orwell Cruising

by Chris Watts

Chris takes Trilobite down to the Rivers Orwell and Stour River Orwell Cruise


Piel Castle

by Malcolm Symons


Malcolm puts to sea for his first long sailing trip and lives to tell us the tale! Piel Castle




  An inspiring and entertaining account of
Dave Clarke's renovation and
subsequent sailing adventures on Sharky 
Available from Amazon:

An Ocean Away
Also have a look at Dave's website:

Dave Clarke Solo 
These are now out of print, but there are copies usually available at a price (20-100), depending on the edition, condition and format on Amazon and other sellers. An alternative is to follow this link to Google:


where there are links to a pdf version. There are maps and diagrams, but no photos.


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