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Generally documents and articles will be in pdf format. To read them you will need Adobe Reader.


A Guide to the Caprice Series

Tony Tucker

Tony wrote this easy to follow guide some time ago and has given us permission to reproduce it here.


Original brochure scans.

Copyright uncertain - may be expired?


Brochure by Park-Holland Marine

of Bradford on Avon


Brochure by Yachthaven (Park-Holland)

newer version?

Caprice Mk 5 Brochure (1)



Caprice Mk 5 Brochure (2)


Original brochure scan.

Copyright uncertain - may be expired? 

Leaflet by Southerly Marine Caprice Mk 3 Leaflet.pdf 

Patrick Boyd

Reproduced with permission of

Yachting Monthly

from the September 1969 issue


A review of the (then new) GRP Mk 3

Caprice Mk 3 Page 1.pdf

Caprice Mk 3 Page 2.pdf


  C Nelson
Small Boat Magazine 1969
A Review of the Mk 3  Caprice Mk 3 Test.pdf 
  Light Craft Magazine
A discussion of the sisters
Caprice, Capriccio and Silhouette 
  Unknown Origin

(If you own this document, please get in touch so that I can credit it or delete the item)
A specification sheet from 1960's Caprice_Spec.pdf


Drawing Skeg Bolts and Stock Issues
Chris Watts A leaky skeg bolt leads to a new rudder

Replacing the Forehatch


Gerry Talbert

Gerry explains how he replaced a bit of old ply with a transparent hatch to let light into the fore cabin.


Which Version is mine?

Joint Effort


Work in progress to develop a table of essential features to help new owners, especially of project boats, to identify which one they have.

Which Version



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